Book Works

Book Works


A work of art comes in as many possible forms as there are rain drops in a river. When presented in book form a work of art has the potential and perhaps the intention of being held. The first thing every book says initially is “take me in your hands, open me”.

Typically our experience with art is from a distance, viewed from afar, high upon its plinth, or protected by the walls of the museums. Books provide the opportunity to create intimate experiences, shared with other readers as the book is passed from hand to hand.

I make limited edition, one of a kind books. Their stories reveal themselves to use various languages, from visual to tactile to linguistic. I attempt to work with a balance between the materials of the book itself and the contents of the stories.

If you’d like to read one of my books, I’d be happy to pass one into your hands. Or you can view some of them here in my portfolio