Freelance Designer, Artist, Creative Builder

When I was little I wanted to be a professional creative designer, front-end web developer, brand creator and media production expert. Now with over twenty years of professional experience in the internet, advertising, and communications industries I can say that I am who I always wanted to be.

No wait, now that I think of it, what I always wanted to be was an artist. So now as a practicing visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Guelph, producing and exhibiting 40 years of fine art from oil painting, sculpture, I guess I am that artist.

I’ve been involved with getting people on the water for clients, friends and family for over 40 years. From designing cabin interiors to re-building your classic family heirloom to building your dream boat. I help you realize your boating dreams.

When you need someone who can
color outside the lines,
and build your floating dreams.




I paint now, not to represent a thing but to represent ideas, beliefs and philosophies. My paintings are about the act of painting as much as they are about an idea. I believe in communicating through painting, I believe in the power of the image, the mark, the material, it’s power to express the values, the ideals, the understanding of one person to many.

These conceptual portraits of ideas, of the intangible becoming tangible offer the opportunity to participate in the conversation. A conversation begun as far back as the Paleolithic cave paintings and talisman carvings. Our continuous societal conversation is one of constant change, through out centuries we have sent messages from one generation to the next, and they have all conveyed the same statement. Which is, “We are here”, we live here and we believe.

We translate, interpret, and experience works of art as though they were part of another language. As an artist, the grammar, and vocabulary of painting provide a framework for the expression of poems, and stories. We paint a memory or idea within the linguistic rules of painting. Our freedoms of creativity to express are contained within the parameters of the language as outlined by those who have painted before us. To explore the limitations of those parameters, to step beyond them into the unknown is the desired intention of the artist.

The inquiry into the medium of painting that I have been conducting for more than three decades is not the objective of my work, nor the point of departure. Rather, it provides the conceptual framework for it. Abstract pictures are fictive models, they make visible a reality which can neither be seen nor described, but whose existence we can believe in.

You can visit my portfolio here.




This is the page about Drawing.

Book Works

Book Works


A work of art comes in as many possible forms as there are rain drops in a river. When presented in book form a work of art has the potential and perhaps the intention of being held. The first thing every book says initially is “take me in your hands, open me”.

Typically our experience with art is from a distance, viewed from afar, high upon its plinth, or protected by the walls of the museums. Books provide the opportunity to create intimate experiences, shared with other readers as the book is passed from hand to hand.

I make limited edition, one of a kind books. Their stories reveal themselves to use various languages, from visual to tactile to linguistic. I attempt to work with a balance between the materials of the book itself and the contents of the stories.

If you’d like to read one of my books, I’d be happy to pass one into your hands. Or you can view some of them here in my portfolio


Creating with my hands, heart, and head I design and build everything I can. Sculpting material into homes, kitchens, gardens, boats, sculpture, furniture, paintings, … making original works, reproducing or restoring antique.

I am a practicing visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1989 and a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) from the University of Guelph in 1994. I continue to create fine art focusing primarily on painting and drawing, visit my portfolio site and enjoy some images.

I am the owner / operator of Daivz Boatworks, where I restore, re-build, re-fit, antique and new boats. I started my hand at boat building at an early age at my father’s elbow. Now at the boat shop we are creating floating works of art for your boating adventures. Find the boat that fits you from one of these options.

I was a professional web designer, front-end web developer, brand creator and media production expert, with over twenty years of professional experience in the internet, advertising, television, and fine art industries. I have also had the opportunity to teach numerous courses on; creativity, interface design, web coding, media production, animation, video editing, drawing, painting, and mixed media.

As a collaborative team member I have designed and implement effective multimedia and brand development strategies for clients including; Fibernetics Canada, The City of Barcelona Spain, Danone España, Grey Group Spain, Vinizius Young & Rubicam, Torra-Portella, Department of Tourism Andorra, among many others.

I presently work from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada as an Independent Creative Designer – Producer – Builder for various artists, companies, agencies, and associations in Canada.