Analizing the Ojibway transom

Time to have a look at what we have here. Woops, that screw driver just went right through the transom. Looks like a severe case of wood rot.

Transom rot

Time to start digging. Dig, Dig, Dig.



Well there doesn’t seem to be much left holding her on.


Someone left the back door open.


Picking up an Ojibway

On my way to pick up the new Lakefield Ojibway


No that is not a boat, but this is:

ojibway with sofa

The advert photos which inspired me to make the purchase.

john1 john5




The firm Directnet of contracted me to build their new SOHO automated answering service interface. It was a rush job and had to be built within 3 weeks. As always, I guaranteed delivery, they had their interface designed and coded by the delivery date. This project used the Smarty template engine, and was built in html5. I wrote the template code, the css, and for the javascript I used the mootools js framework.

Angels of Vos

This week marked the beginning of a new era for me. I’ve just installed my first exhibition since returning to Canada. The last time I showed in Canada was 1994 at gallery Moos in Toronto. Just to shake things up a bit, I’ve chosen a church to exhibit in as opposed to the standard gallery context.
Here’s the invite card:

And the press release: Angels of Vos available here. This exhibition is not just my first in Canada in 15+ years but also the first exhibition organized under my new company M.F.A., (Mowbray Fine Art)

The firm Fongo of contracted me to build the new DellVoice web site. It was a rush job and had to be built within the week. As always, I guaranteed delivery, they had their site live in under 7 days. With the tremendous assistance of Mike Young of Fibernetics as art director.


The list of hot online graphics applications continues to grow. The folks at Stanford have made public their image vector creation application. It works as well as the old Streamliner did back at the turn of the century.

This site converts bitmap images to vector art – it’s an online auto-tracer. Just upload your image and we will vectorize it for you

The image here above is a gif format, translated from the eps downloaded from the Vectormagic site. and here’s the original jpg photo.lovehorn